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Terms of Service

Terms of Service





Client’s Recognition and Approval of Terms

Any order placed on this website will be subjected to the terms and conditions SRHSN.COM (“us” or “we) have laid out. When you place an order, you (“client”) are agreeing to these terms and acknowledge that you (“client”) have read and understood them.

Traffic Terms of Service

Websites That Are Not Accepted

Any website / URLs that has any of the following are not permitted:

  • Websites with illegal, racist, or hateful content.
  • Websites with content we deem to be inappropriate for our visitors.
  • Phishing URLs, Trojans, Adwares, Malware, etc.
  • Iframes that redirect to malicious websites.
  • Frame breaking scripts.
  • Websites with download prompts.
  • Popups or Javascript Prompts (1 allowed on Pop-Up Traffic).
  • No Stumble Upon Links.
  •,, and other PTP sites.
  • Sites with clicksor ads.
  • Blank landing pages.

Should any of these be added to the website after its approval, the campaign will cease immediately, and the client will not be refunded for his traffic purchase. Furthermore, if we discover you are trying to get around our ToS a refund will also not be granted.

We also hold the right to refuse service to anyone we choose. A refund will be provided if we refuse service.

Delivery Speed

After a client places an order, we manually set up web traffic campaign. Once this has been completed, an email will be sent to the client. Typically, this happens within 12 hours, however emails are only sent out during our office hours. The campaign will then become active after our tech team has approved the landing page. Most traffic campaigns are activated within 24 hours after ordering.

All new client orders will have a delivery speed of at least 5 days set. Due to the nature of our business and the risk of fraudulent orders, we have this policy in place to protect ourselves. Once we have established a positive history with a client, delivery speed can be set for under 5 days. Since we only send real traffic, we cannot guarantee the delivery speed. In some GEO / Niche target combinations we do not have the inventory to deliver at a high daily volume.

Mistakes When Ordering

The client is responsible for any mistakes made during the ordering process. If the client provides us the wrong URL, GEO, or niche in the beginning and notifies us of the error, we will gladly make the change. However, any traffic that was generated during the mistake will not warrant a refund. If a client happens to buy web traffic more than once by mistake, we can refund for the extra traffic or split the order up into various traffic campaigns (minimum being 5,000 visitors). However, once the campaign has been set up, we cannot split the traffic or offer a refund for the extra traffic.

Campaign Monitoring

We do recommend using Google Analytics, Awstats, and other similar 3rd party scripts. They are accurate with our delivery method.


Should a client’s website, for whatever reason, become unavailable, the client holds us blameless. Should the unavailability be from over-ordering (more traffic than client hosting can handle), the client is responsible for buying traffic. We have no knowledge of the hosting plan of a client so we cannot promise uptime. Any traffic delivered during the downtime is not refundable. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that his or her website is in working order.

Signups / Sales / Conversions

We do not guarantee a client will receive sales / signups / conversions from the web site traffic we send. Our only guarantee is that we will send the traffic our client ordered. So, if nothing comes from the traffic sent, we are held blameless and will not issue a refund.

While it is possible, we also can not guarantee earnings through Adsense or other advertiser networks.

Cancellation & Refund Terms for Courses by Winner Banu

These Terms and Conditions stated here are considered acknowledged and agreed to by the Participant when the Participant indicates it (by ticking the checkbox) on our registration form.

Winner Banu may request that participants pay the full amount (100%) upfront (unless otherwise stated).

Course canceled by Winner Banu
Winner Banu reserves the sole right to cancel any courses due to insufficient number of participants or due to factors beyond the reasonable control of the Winner Banu.

You shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid on when a course is canceled by Winner Banu.
Neither party shall have any claims against the other thereafter.

Course canceled by Participants
Participants are considered confirmed to attend the course once they have registered and paid Winner Banu.

A Participant’s request to withdraw under any conditions, shall not be eligible for any refund.

The Winner Banu cannot be held responsible for the non-recoverable expenses incurred by the Participant in preparation for the courses.

Refund Policy

The only time a client is eligible for a refund is if the order was not completely fulfilled as determined by our system and the link set up. Refunds will not be offered based on unrecommended trackers. A client can choose to have more cheap traffic sent to fill the order or be refunded for the traffic not sent. The request will be respected within seven days after the delivery completion date has passed. After that, no refund will be granted.

As mentioned in our FAQ, we cannot guarantee our Alexa traffic will increase your Alexa ranking. Alexa rankings are based on more than just traffic. So, we do not offer refunds for our Alexa traffic based on a lack of increased rankings. A refund would only be offered if we can determine our system did not send the traffic.

All refund requests should be made within 30 days of placing a campaign order on our website. All requests made after this period will be rejected.


If you choose to file a chargeback instead, you will owe all fees and related expenses to that chargeback. In some cases, we may take legal action against you.


In no event shall we be held liable for any consequential, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or other damages whatsoever arising from the use of our service. We cannot be held responsible if your account is banned by any CPA or affiliate program. It is suggested you carefully read the Terms of Service of any program you are planning to use with our service to make sure it is in compliance with their ToS.